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Bone Grafting

Dr. Daniel Brunner will provide cutting-edge, comfortable care to help you regain lost bone tissue and improve your oral health and function. With bone grafting, you can once again enjoy a healthy, confident smile.

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Bone grafting helps ensure that your teeth remain stable and restores your oral and overall well-being.

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The Benefits of Bone Grafting

Dr. Brunner can provide bone grafting using the latest treatment techniques and technologies to ensure the best possible results for your oral health and smile. His skill and experience make him an expert in biological oral surgery and improving your oral and overall health.

Bone grafting is an oral surgery procedure that may be needed if your bone density is insufficient to support your teeth or dental implants. This typically occurs after teeth are lost or extracted, as missing teeth cause the jawbone to resorb, or deteriorate, at the site of the missing tooth or teeth. When you receive a bone graft, our oral surgeon will transplant a piece of bone from another area of your jaw or body. Your jawbone will grow together with the grafted tissue to create a stronger and more stable foundation for your smile and help you regain your oral health and function.


Bone grafting tissue is taken from your jawbone or other area, ensuring that it fits your body.


Bone grafting is designed to produce long-lasting results so that you can enjoy better health.


Your bone graft integrates with your jawbone to ensure a natural result.

Bone grafts integrate with your own body.

Once your bone graft is placed, your jawbone will then grow together with the grafted material. After this integration process is complete you will have a stable foundation for your teeth and be able to enjoy better long-term oral and overall health.

Bone grafts are usually needed before implant placement.

Dr. Brunner will typically provide bone grafting prior to placing a dental implant. Dental implants (as well as your natural teeth) need a strong foundation in order to remain stable in your mouth and perform all the functions that keep your mouth and smile healthy. Bone grafting may also be needed if you have lost supporting bone due to periodontal disease, injury or other factors. Our oral surgeon will evaluate your jawbone to determine if you need to receive a bone graft before you can replace your missing teeth.

A solid foundation for your teeth.

Having a solid foundation for your teeth helps ensure that they remain firmly anchored in your mouth. Your teeth and implants will also work to stimulate your supporting bone, keeping it healthy after your bone graft so that you can continue to enjoy a healthy, happy smile.

Long-lasting results for your health.

Bone grafting is intended to provide you with long-term results for your health and smile. Our oral surgeon and team will work with you to find the best ways to maintain your treatment results and keep your mouth and smile healthy.

Sinus Lifts

With over 20 years of experience in providing comfortable, effective and cutting-edge care, Dr. Daniel Brunner is your expert in biological oral surgery procedures. He will work one-on-one with you to help you improve your oral and overall health as well as your smile.

Sinus lifts are a type of bone grafting procedure used to restore healthy bone tissue in your upper jaw, usually in the area of the back teeth. When you lose a tooth in your upper jaw, there may not be enough bone tissue in the sinus region to place a dental implant. This tooth loss also leads to bone loss as the bone begins to resorb. Sinus lifts help you regain this bone tissue through a transplanted bone graft so that you can receive dental implants without any complications and once again enjoy a healthy and stable smile.

Sinus lifts integrate with your body.

Bone grafting material is transplanted from another area of your jaw or body into the sinus region. After your procedure the grafting material will integrate with your jawbone to increase bone density in the area and help you enjoy better results for your oral and overall health.

Sinus lifts and implant placement.

Your dental implants cannot be placed unless they have a stable foundation in your mouth. For implants that will be placed in your upper jaw, this often means that you need a sinus lift before you can receive implants. After the grafted material has meshed with the natural bone Dr. Brunner will be able to place your implants and fully restore your missing teeth, smile and quality of life.

Stable foundations for long-term health results.

A solid and secure foundation for your teeth not only ensures that they remain anchored in your mouth, but also helps your teeth and implants perform their proper functions. Your teeth and implants stimulate your supporting bone to keep it healthy and strong. A sinus lift provides the stable foundation, and after your entire bone grafting and implant treatment process is complete your teeth and implants will in turn work to produce long-term results for your overall health.

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